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When I arrived at Athens Airport in 2005 and was picked up by my friends to join them and celebrate the Greek Easter holiday I was stunned.

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On forehand I did not realize how beautiful the mainland of Greece is. 

My end destination that holiday was Kalamata in the prefecture Messinia on the Peloponnese peninsula and driving through the country made me fall in love with this region.

It has become my home since 2006 so do not expect me to be impartial on this website.

Living here in Greece I hope to give all sorts of tourist information about the city of Kalamata overlooking the Messinian Bay and looking up to the Taygetos Mountain.

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Like flights to Kalamata, hotel recommendation, the weather in Kalamata City and beaches and maybe even to suggestan interesting Peloponnese holiday or day trips to nearby places like the coast of Mani with Stoupa and Kardamyli and on the other side of the Messinian Bay places like Messinia and old Messinia (very unique), Petalidi, Agios Andreas, Koroni, Finikounda and on the Ionian Sea side of the Peloponnese places like Methoni, Pylos, Gargaliani, Filiatra and Marathopoli and Kiparissia.

First of all let us look at how to get to Kalamata.

Kalamata in Greece can be reached by boat, bus (Ktel) or train from Athens and of course by car from all kind of directions.

flights to kalamata

But most people arrive during tourist season at Kalamata Airport, this airport is located between the town Messini and Kalamata.

Information about flights to Kalamata you can find here.

In this south western part of Greece, Kalamata hosts the largest port.

From here you can catch a weekly ferry to Kythira and then to Chania on the island of Crete and you can even take this ferry to Athens.

Travelling by car is an excellent way to enjoy the scenery and maybe make some day trips to visit the many beaches that surround the Messinian Bay and touch the Ionian Sea or just stop at any Taverna you like. I will try to find out about some trustworthy Car Rental in Kalamata too.

Car Rental Kalamata (pickup at Airport)

The finishing stages of the freeway to connect Kalamata with Tripoli (SW) are scheduled to finish in 2009-2010. This will make this region even more popular and easier to reach.

Kalamata can also be reached by railway line of the Hellenic Railways Organization. There is  a train service from Kalamata to Kyparissia, Pyrgos, Patras and Kiato (Corinth) and a shorter distance service to neighbour city Messini and the General Hospital, which lies in between the two cities.

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Kalamata Greece Hotels


To find a hotel in Kalamata should be quite easy.

There are many hotels along the boulevard and a good choice in the centre of the city.

And although Kalamata is a city, the city noise you might expect will surprise you pleasantly.

A hotel in Kalamata or any other places mentioned above you can start to find here:

Hotels Kalamata Deutsch | Dansk| English | Svenska | Norsk

Already for many years a lot of Greek people from the big cities chose to enjoy their summer holiday here at the Kalamata Boulevard and its beaches, I understand why now.

Golf Greece

Further more the region Messinia Greece will be enriched with an 18-hole Golf Resort scheduled to be finished in 2010, this Golf Court will have anything a golfers heart desires, and this at about an hours drive from Kalamata.

I will keep you informed on that.

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